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Open Data Download

The Thurston GeoData Center Open Data Site ( allows you to find and download data for use in your own applications and devices. This data includes GIS shapefiles, .dbf tables, layer files and excel spreadsheets.

Downloading data is a 2 click process and can be done with or without filters.

Once you have selected your data and applied any filters or limitations you can download it for use in applications. Simply click on the Download dropdown, which is located on all of the tabs.

Select how you would like to download the data. You have the option to download the full or filtered dataset, see Filtering Datasets for more information about how to do this.

The data that is available for download includes GIS files, as a Spreadsheet, KML, or Shapefile. This option also includes a layer file.

  • Shapefiles are spatial datasets that can be used in a mapping application, for example: ArcGIS, AutoCAD Civil 3D, FME, etc. This file includes all the tabular/attribute information.

  • KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files can be loaded to Google Earth and some other types of mapping applications.

  • Spreadsheets this is an excel format spreadsheet that can be used to view just the tabular/attribute information.

  • Layer Files are ArcGIS symbology files that can be used to display the layer using a predetermined set of symbols, colors and labeling standards. This file is used with the Shapefile and is supported by Esri applications.

Once you have selected your download style. The data will be put into the download queue. When the data is ready your browser will prompt you to Open or Save it.