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The TGC has created several new viewers based on feedback from County departments and the general public. The viewers REQUIRE Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer. Click here to download the newest version of Internet Explorer.
For Linux, Mac as well as Windows and other operating systems you can download a free copy of FoxFire from Click here for FireFox download. These webpages have been tested on Internet Explorer and FireFox on the Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Please note

Our site has to be setup as a "trusted site" in the browser of your choice as we use popup windows for our interactive mapping site. Please see Frequently Asked Questions to show you how to setup your browser to work with our interactive mapping site.

New: 2012 aerials now online

Area Tool

We have added an area tool, which is a part of the measure tool in the Dynamic Map Viewers. When you click to add more than two points with the measure tool, it will give you an approximate area calculation of the selected area. You may have to use Ctrl F5 in Internet Explorer for your browser to be able to use the new tool.

Local News

Working with Mason County, Mason County now also has a mapping website available. You would have to setup their site as a trusted site for this to work for you

New Thurston County Layers

Sections has been added to the Main Map site.
Ctrl F5 in Internet Explorer will force the page to capture the new information or hit the refresh button in FireFox to repost the latest version of the site.

Viewer With Map



Start here to view Flash tutorials to learn how to use the viewers
  Main Map (Parcel Information)
Parcels with our most popular data layers
County Survey Control Points
Park Locations and Available Facilities
  Natural Resources
Wetlands, Soils, Oak Stands, etc.
"NEW" External Sheriff site with shift crime data posted with a one hour time delay

Viewer With Text Only Information

If you need to find information about a parcel or survey control point without viewing it on a map, use these text pages. Your text search will return information faster than the Map Viewer
  Parcel Info Page
Get information related to a specific parcel from our parcel info page
  Survey Control Point Info Page
Search for a Survey Control Point by target name/number

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