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Viewer With Map

  Main Map (Parcel Information)
Parcels with our most popular data layers
County Survey Control Points
Park Locations and Available Facilities
  Natural Resources
Wetlands, Soils, Oak Stands, etc.
Sheriff site with shift crime data posted with a one hour time delay
  Parcel search alternative if our other mapping sites are failing...
"NEW" Backup Parcel Viewer search map for parcels or an address. Zoom in to see parcels or select search tool and type in parcel number or address. Here is a link to a document of how to use this NEW temporary mapping tool.

Viewer With Text Only Information

If you need to find information about a parcel or survey control point without viewing it on a map, use these text pages. Your text search will return information faster than the Map Viewer
  Parcel Info Page
Get information related to a specific parcel from our parcel info page
  Survey Control Point Info Page
Search for a Survey Control Point by target name/number