Ordering digital data

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If no price is listed, this would indicate that we do not have that particular data set for sale.  Our data is provided on CD unless otherwise requested.

Click on data details to view a image and more data information:

Data DetailsCategorySection PriceCounty Price
1996 One-foot Orthophotography per Section (TIFF)Aerial Photography$20.00 
2000 One-foot Orthophotography - County Coverage (Mr. Sid)Aerial Photography $150.00
2000 One-foot Orthophotography per Section (TIFF)Aerial Photography$20.00 
2003 6-Inch Orthophotography - County Coverage 4 tile mosaic (Mr. Sid)Aerial Photography $800.00
2003 6-Inch Orthophotography per Section (TIFF)Aerial Photography$20.00 
2006 6-Inch Orthophotography - County Coverage 5 tile mosaic (Mr. Sid)Aerial Photography $1,000.00
2006 6-Inch Orthophotography (GeoTiff)Aerial Photography$20.00 
2009 6-Inch Orthophotography - County Coverate 5 tile mosaic (Mr. Sid)Aerial Photography $1,000.00
2009 6-Inch Orthophotography per Section (TIFF)Aerial Photography$20.00 
2012 6-inch Orthophotography - County Coverage 5 tile mosaic (Mr. Sid)Aerial Photography $3,000.00
2012 6-Inch Orthophotography per Section (TIFF)Aerial Photography$25.00 
Base Data CD (Quarterly) - Shapefile formatBase Map Layers $150.00
County BorderBase Map Layers $40.00
GPS Control GridBase Map Layers $60.00
Parcels (Shapefile, DXF. Includes Assessor Data)Base Map Layers$20.00$200.00
Parcels, Assessor/Treasurer Database Extended (MS Access)Base Map Layers $300.00
Parcels, Assessor/Treasurer Database Standard (MS Access)Base Map Layers $200.00
RailroadsBase Map Layers $20.00
Road CenterlinesBase Map Layers $60.00
SectionsBase Map Layers $20.00
Water BodiesBase Map Layers $40.00
Fire DistrictsEmergency Management Layers $60.00
Medic ZonesEmergency Management Layers $60.00
TCOMM StreetsEmergency Management Layers $40.00
1996 Flood Damage LocationsFlooding Map Layers $20.00
Flood of 1996 BoundaryFlooding Map Layers $20.00
Census TractsJurisdictional Map Layers $20.00
City and Urban Growth BoundariesJurisdictional Map Layers $60.00
Coordinated Water Systems Plan AreasJurisdictional Map Layers $40.00
Government LandsJurisdictional Map Layers $40.00
Political BoundariesJurisdictional Map Layers $60.00
School DistrictsJurisdictional Map Layers $40.00
Zip CodesJurisdictional Map Layers $20.00
ZoningJurisdictional Map Layers $60.00
Areas of Groundwater ConcernMiscellaneous Layers $20.00
Contamination SitesMiscellaneous Layers $20.00
LandfillsMiscellaneous Layers $20.00
No Shooting ZonesMiscellaneous Layers $60.00
Noxious WeedsMiscellaneous Layers $40.00
Parks & TrailsMiscellaneous Layers $40.00
Two Foot Contour (Shapefile, DXF)Miscellaneous Layers$20.00$40.00
UtilitiesMiscellaneous Layers $20.00
Shoreline Management AreasNatural Resource Layers $20.00
SoilsNatural Resource Layers $40.00
Steep SlopesNatural Resource Layers $40.00
WatershedsNatural Resource Layers $20.00
WetlandsNatural Resource Layers $40.00