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Top 10 Questions
  1. Locate a property or parcel?
  2. Do I have Critical Areas on my property? (Gopher Soils, Wetlands, High ground water, etc.)
  3. Locate my Well or Septic Systems?
  4. What is my property zoned for?
  5. Where are the boundaries of my property? (legal Lot lines)
  6. Find School or Voting Districts for my property?
  7. Where can I download the data for free?
  8. I need a printed map. How do I get one?
  9. How can I find out who owns a piece of property?
  10. What are all the things I can look up about a property?
Online Map Help
We have almost 100 types of information about Thurston County that you can see on a map. We have broken the information into five maps. List of every type of information and the maps you can find it on.

Data Download Help
We now have our data layers available to download for free.