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Zoning Codes

For Zoning Details, please contact the following in accordance with Permitting Jurisdiction values:

For "County" please contact the following:

Thurston County Building Development Center
Resource Stewardship Department
Building 1, Second Floor
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 786-5490

or send questions to

Here is a link to the Resource Stewardship Department:
Thurston County Building and Land Use Codes

For "OLYMPIA" please contact the following:
City of Olympia

For "LACEY" please contact the following:
City of Lacey

For "TUMWATER" please contact the following:
City of Tumwater

For "YELM" please contact the following:
City of Yelm

For "TENINO" please contact the following:
City of Tenino

For "BUCODA" please contact the following:
City of Bucoda

For "RAINIER" please contact the following:
City of Rainer

For "CHEHALIS TRIBE" please contact the following:
Chehalis Tribe

For "NISQUALLY TRIBE" please contact the following:
Nisqually Tribe

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change).
Click on Zoning Code link in the table to see more details of the zoning description:

JurisdictionZoning CodeShort Description
BucodaMFMultifamily Residential
BucodaPUPublic Use
CountyACArterial Commercial
CountyHCHighway Commercial
CountyLTALong Term Agriculture
CountyLTFLong-Term Forestry
CountyMGSAMcAllister Geologically Sensitive Area
CountyMRMilitary Reservation
CountyNANisqually Agriculture
CountyNCNeighborhood Convenience Commercial
CountyOSI-SOpen Space School
CountyPPPublic Park, Triails and Preserves
CountyR 1/10Rural - One Dwelling Unit per Ten Acres
CountyR 1/20Rural - One Dwelling Unit per Twenty Acres
CountyRCCRural Commercial Center
CountyRL1/1Residential LAMIRD - One Dwelling Unit per One Acre
CountyRL1/2Residential LAMIRD - One Dwelling Unit per Two Acres
CountyRL2/1Residential LAMIRD - Two Dwelling Units per Acre
CountyRR1/5One Dwelling Unit per Five Acres
CountyRRIRural Resource Industrial
CountyRRR1/5Rural Residential/Resource
CountyUR 1/5Urban Reserve - One Dwelling Unit per Five Acres
Grand Mound UGAACArterial Commercial
Grand Mound UGALILight Industrial
Grand Mound UGAPIDPlanned Industrial Park
Grand Mound UGAR3-6/1Residential 3-6 Units per Acre
Grand Mound UGAR4-16/1Residential 4-16 units per 1 Acre
LaceyBPBusiness Park
LaceyCBD 4Central Business District 4
LaceyCBD 5Central Business District 5
LaceyCBD 6Central Business District 6
LaceyCBD 7Central Business District 7
LaceyCCDCommunity Commercial
LaceyCOCommunity Office
LaceyGCGeneral Commercial
LaceyHDHigh Density Residential
LaceyHPBDBCHawks Prairie Business District-Business/Commercial
LaceyLD 0-4Low Density Residential 0-4
LaceyLD 3-6Low Density Residential 3-6
LaceyLHNLacey Historic Neighborhood
LaceyLILight Industrial
LaceyLI-CLight Industrial Commercial
LaceyMDModerate Density Residential
LaceyMEMineral Extraction
LaceyMHDCMixed Use High Density
LaceyMMDCMixed Use Moderate Density
LaceyNCNeighborhood Convenience Commercial
LaceyOCOffice Commercial
LaceyOS-IOpen Space Institutional
LaceyOSI-POpen Space Park
LaceySHORESShoreline Residential
LaceySMUSaint Martin's University
LaceyURBCONUrban Conservancy
LaceyV(U)CVillage (Urban) Center
LaceyWDWoodland District
Lacey UGAAGAgricultural
Lacey UGACBD 6Central Business District 6
Lacey UGAHDHigh Density Residential
Lacey UGALD 0-4Low-Density Residential 0-4
Lacey UGALD 3-6Low-Density Residential 3-6
Lacey UGALILight Industrial
Lacey UGALI-CLight Industrial/Commercial
Lacey UGAMDModerate-Density Residential
Lacey UGAMEMineral Extraction
Lacey UGAMGSAMcAllister Geologically Sensitive Area
Lacey UGAMHDCMixed Use High Density Corridor
Lacey UGAMMDCMixed Use Moderate Density Corridor
Lacey UGANCNeighborhood Convenience Commercial
Lacey UGAOS-IOpen Space Institutional
Lacey UGAOSI-POpen Space Park
Lacey UGAOSI-SOpen Space School
Lacey UGAV(U)CVillage (Urban) Center
OlympiaASAuto Services
OlympiaCC/CS-HCapitol Campus/Commercial Service High
OlympiaDBDowntown Business
OlympiaGCGeneral Commercial
OlympiaHDC-1High Density Corridor 1
OlympiaHDC-2High Density Corridor 2
OlympiaHDC-3High Density Corridor 3
OlympiaHDC-4High Density Corridor 4
OlympiaLILight Industrial
OlympiaLI-CLight Industrial Commercial
OlympiaMHPManufacture Housing Park
OlympiaMR 10-18Mixed Residential 10-18 Units
OlympiaMSMedical Service
OlympiaNRNeighborhood Retail
OlympiaNVNeighborhood Village
OlympiaPO/RMProfessional Office/Residential
OlympiaPUDPlanned Unit Development
OlympiaR 1/5Residential 1 Unit per 5 Acre
OlympiaR-4Single Family Residential 4
OlympiaR-4-8Residential 4-8
OlympiaR-4CBSingle-Family Residential (Chambers Basin)
OlympiaR-6-12Two Family Residential 6-12
OlympiaRLIResidential Low Impact
OlympiaRLI 2-4Residential Low Impact 2-4
OlympiaRM-18Residential Multifamily 18 Units Per Acre
OlympiaRM-24Residential Multifamily 24 Units Per Acre
OlympiaRM-HHigh Rise Multifamily
OlympiaRMUResident Mixed Use
OlympiaUCUrban Center
OlympiaURUrban Residential
OlympiaUVUrban Village
OlympiaUWUrban Waterfront
OlympiaUWHUrban Waterfront Historic
Olympia UGACOSCCommunity Oriented Shopping Center (COSC)
Olympia UGALI-CLight Industrial Commercial
Olympia UGAMR 7-13Mixed Residential
Olympia UGANRNeighborhood Retail
Olympia UGANVNeighborhood Village
Olympia UGAR 1/5Residential 1 Unit per 5 Acre
Olympia UGAR-4Single Family Residential 4
Olympia UGAR-4-8Residential 4-8
Olympia UGAR-6-12Residential 6-12
Olympia UGARLI 2-4Residential Low Impact 2-4 Units per Acre
Olympia UGARM-18Residential Multi-Family 18
RainierCCCore Commercial
RainierFRLForest Land
RainierHCHighway Commercial
RainierPFPublic Facility
RainierR6/8Residential 6 to 8
RainierR8/25Residential 8 to 25
RainierREN - 0.25Residental Existing Neigborhood - 0.25 acre
RainierREN - 0.35Residental Existing Neigborhood - 0.35 acre
RainierREN - 1.00Residental Existing Neigborhood - 1.00 acre
RainierROWRight of Way
RainierSCService Commercial
RainierT/OS/PTrails/Open Spaces/Parks
Rainier UGANCNeighborhood Convenience Commercial
Rainier UGARRR1/5Rural Residential Resource 1/5
TeninoC-2Heavy Commercial
TeninoMFMultifamily Residential
TeninoMUMixed Use
TeninoPOProfessional Office
TeninoRRR1/5Rural Residential Resource 1/5
TeninoSFSingle Family
TeninoSF-DSingle Family Duplex
TeninoSF-ESSingle Family Environmentally Sensitive
TeninoUR 1/5Urban Reserve 1/5
Tenino UGARRR1/5Rural Residential Resource 1/5
TumwaterARIAirport Related Industry
TumwaterARI2Airport Related Industry - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterBDBrewery District
TumwaterCBCCapitol Boulevard Community
TumwaterCBC2Capitol Boulevard Community - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterCSCommunity Service
TumwaterGBGreen Belt
TumwaterGCGeneral Commercial
TumwaterGC6General Commercial
TumwaterHCHistoric Commercial
TumwaterHIHeavy Industry
TumwaterLILight Industry
TumwaterLI2Light Industrial - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterMFHMultifamily High Density Residential 14-29 Units per Acre
TumwaterMFMMultifamily Medium Density Residental 9-15 Units per Acre
TumwaterMFM2Multifamily Medium Density Residential 9-15 Units per Acre - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterMHPManufactured Home Park
TumwaterMHP2Manufactured Home Park - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterMUMixed Use
TumwaterMU5Mixed Use
TumwaterNCNeighborhood Convenience Commercial
TumwaterNC2Neighborhood Commercial - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterOS2Open Space
TumwaterOS3Open Space
TumwaterR/SRResidential Sensitive Resouce 2-4 Units Per Acre
TumwaterR/SR2Residential Sensitive Resource 2-4 Units Per Acre - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterSFLSingle Family Low Density Residential 4-7 Units per Acre
TumwaterSFL2Single Family Low Density Residential 4-7 Units per Acre - Airport Overlay Zone
TumwaterSFMSingle Family Medium Density Residential 6-9 Units per Acre
TumwaterSFM1Single Family Medium Density Residential 6-9 Units per Acre
TumwaterSFM2Single Family Medium Density Residential 6-9 Units per Acre
TumwaterTCTown Center
TumwaterTC2Town Center - Airport Overlay Zone
Tumwater UGABPBusiness Park
Tumwater UGACDCommercial Development
Tumwater UGAGBGreenbelt
Tumwater UGAGCGeneral Commercial
Tumwater UGAHIHeavy Industrial
Tumwater UGALILight Industrial
Tumwater UGALI2Light Industrial - Airport Overlay Zone
Tumwater UGAMFMMulti-Family Medium Density Residential 9-15
Tumwater UGANCNeighborhood Commercial
Tumwater UGAOSOpen Space
Tumwater UGAR/SRResidential Sensitive Resouce 2-4 Units Per Acre
Tumwater UGASFLSingle-Family Low Density Residential 4-7 Units per Acre
Tumwater UGASFMSingle Family Medium Density Residential 6-9 Units per Acre
YelmC-2Heavy Commercial
YelmC-3Large Lot Commercial
YelmCBDCentral Business District
YelmIDInstitutional District
YelmMPCMaster Planned Community
YelmP/OSOpen Space Park
YelmR-14High Density Residential 14
YelmR-4Low Density Residential
Yelm UGARR1/5