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Zoning Code Details

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change):

JurisdictionZoning CodeDetailed Description
TumwaterCBCIt is the intent of the Capitol Boulevard Community (CBC) zone to provide for a broad spectrum of compatible, mutually supporting uses in close proximity. Over time, areas in this zone district are envisioned to incrementally change from strip commercial development and other low-intensity or non-pedestrian-oriented uses into a mixed use, pedestrian-, auto- and transit-oriented corridor. The CBC zone is intended to foster development that: A. Creates vibrant places and increases business activity, especially for pedestrian-oriented businesses. B. Increases security. C. Promotes efficient use of facilities. D. Encourages a variety of businesses, especially those that appeal to pedestrians and/or serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. E. Balances all modes of transportation by increasing access for pedestrians, bicycles and transit, and by providing commercial services, recreation facilities and employment opportunities near to residences, thus lessening the need to drive. F. Provides affordable housing by reducing development costs and encouraging a greater variety of housing options. G. Creates a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment with well-designed streets and public open spaces. H. Provides a sense of community and place with quality community design.
LaceyCBD 4 
LaceyCBD 5 
LaceyCBD 6 
Lacey UGACBD 6The central business district is the financial and business hub of the community. It is to be developed as an aesthetically attractive area of intense use. Toward this end, the county shall encourage the development of regional retail shopping facilities, and major office complexes along with specialty retail, business support services, urban residential, hotel and institutional uses. Development must enhance people orientation, and provide for the needs, activities and interests of people. The county will encourage land uses that emphasize variety, mixed uses and unity of form within buildings or complexes
LaceyCBD 7 
LaceyCCDIt is the intent of this chapter to: A. Provide the opportunity for the development of commercial facilities in outlying areas of the urban growth area catering to the day to day needs of consumers of surrounding neighborhoods for a wide range of convenience goods and services; B. Site such commercial facilities in such locations as to serve the surrounding community; a minimum of several planning areas. By nature the community commercial district will have a heavy reliance on automobiles and transit use, and the design and layout of the zone will need to reflect this fact. However, pedestrian accessibility shall also be a major criterion in the design of commercial facilities; C. Limit such development to areas where economic demand and appropriate design solutions assure compatibility with adjacent neighborhoods and strategically service several planning areas
Tumwater UGACDThe intent of the commercial development (CD) zone is to establish a new commercial center for the city within this zone, and to preserve areas for those commercial facilities which make use of the close proximity to Interstate 5, while minimizing the undesirable impacts of such uses on the neighborhoods which they serve. Special uses identified in this zone are to be approved only when it is shown that the uses will further the goals of the CD zone in aspects of developing a commercial core and/or landscaping or architectural attractiveness
LaceyCOIt is the intent of this chapter to: A. Provide an environment conducive to a broad range of office users including administrative facilities, research institutions, professional offices, and medical uses; B.Provide the opportunity for specialized manufacturing operations, subject to appropriate controls, to protect nearby land uses; C. Allow for a broad range of complementary uses including multi-family residential, limited retail uses, and commercial recreation uses; D. Retail uses in this zone shall be limited because of the Community Office?s proximity to zoning districts that provide retail services. E. Provide development standards to enhance the compatibility of the District adjacent to commercial or residential areas.
Olympia UGACOSCThe requirement sections in the following design guidelines for the Olympia UGA are the requirements each project shall meet. These design criteria are intended to supplement the development standards of each zoning district. Where the provisions of this chapter conflict with the provisions of the zoning district, the provisions of the zoning district shall apply. The guidelines which follow each requirement statement are suggested ways to achieve the design intent. Each guideline is meant to indicate the preferred conditions, but other equal or better design solutions will be considered acceptable by the department, so long as these solutions meet the intent of these sections