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Zoning Code Details

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change):

JurisdictionZoning CodeDetailed Description
TumwaterCBCIt is the intent of the Capitol Boulevard Community (CBC) zone to provide for a broad spectrum of compatible, mutually supporting uses in close proximity. Over time, areas in this zone district are envisioned to incrementally change from strip commercial development and other low-intensity or non-pedestrian-oriented uses into a mixed use, pedestrian-, auto- and transit-oriented corridor. The CBC zone is intended to foster development that: A. Creates vibrant places and increases business activity, especially for pedestrian-oriented businesses. B. Increases security. C. Promotes efficient use of facilities. D. Encourages a variety of businesses, especially those that appeal to pedestrians and/or serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. E. Balances all modes of transportation by increasing access for pedestrians, bicycles and transit, and by providing commercial services, recreation facilities and employment opportunities near to residences, thus lessening the need to drive. F. Provides affordable housing by reducing development costs and encouraging a greater variety of housing options. G. Creates a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment with well-designed streets and public open spaces. H. Provides a sense of community and place with quality community design.