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Zoning Code Details

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change):

JurisdictionZoning CodeDetailed Description
CountyNAProductive farmland is an irreplaceable and limited resource in Thurston County. Therefore, it is essential to preserve agricultural land, particularly those lands which are adjacent to an urban growth area, by limiting this district to agricultural uses and activities, discouraging agricultural nuisance claims from nonfarm areas, and protecting these lands from encroachment of existing or potential residences within the Nisqually Valley and along the adjacent wooded hillsides. The primary use within this zone will be agricultural activities and this zone meets the long-term agricultural lands criteria for the state Growth Management Act. The standards of this zone are unique to the Nisqually planning area and this zone is applied to those lands within the Nisqually planning area which: (1) contain large farms on primary agricultural soil, (2) have been farmed for several generations; or (3) are enrolled in or eligible for enrollment in the Agricultural Open Space Tax Program.