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Zoning Code Details

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change):

JurisdictionZoning CodeDetailed Description
OlympiaNR4. Neighborhood Retail District (NR). This district is intended to: a. Permit small retail establishments which offer a limited range of goods within a residential neighborhood; b. Protect existing neighborhood retail districts and permit new establishments where local economic demand and appropriate design can assure compatibility with the neighborhood; c. Be located not less than one-half mile from another neighborhood retail district or any other commercial district providing similar services or facilities; d. Have a maximum size for a neighborhood retail district of not more than one acre; e. Limit the size, scale and expansion of such establishments in order to minimize traffic volumes and congestion, and other adverse impacts on the neighborhoods in which such establishments are located; f. Ensure that development in this district is characterized by small buildings, low traffic generation, considerable walk-in trade, quiet operations and little or no night activity.
Olympia UGANR