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Zoning Code Details

Guideline descriptions of zoning (subject to change):

JurisdictionZoning CodeDetailed Description
LaceyV(U)CThe intent of the ordinance codified in this chapter is to: A. Provide the opportunity for neotraditional neighborhood planning to implement principals described in the innovative techniques section of the Lacey Joint Plan relating to village centers; B. Neo-traditional neighborhoods are a desired alternative to conventional, use-segregated developments, such as large lot suburban subdivisions and strip commercial developments; C. Reduce the excessive sprawl of development and the segregation of land uses that results in almost total dependence upon private vehicles for transportation; D. Promote creation of places which have pedestrian emphasis, connectivity, mixed use, and centralized public spaces. Emphasize these features and neighborhood concepts of place; E. Promote developments which will create a strong sense of community identity
Lacey UGAV(U)C